My name is Amy. Pictures explain my life one way. Words describe it another.
Sometimes I let photographers shoot me. Sometimes i take pictures of myself. My hairstyle changes often. Watch my adventure.

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Happy Dalmatian girl?
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My love and me
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Haitian woman defending her son in the Dominican Republic.

This picture is raw
i-am-charlotte-sometimes: I think I love you 😍

Tee hee aww thank you :)

Not many people do, so I’m flattered!

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I hate myself most of the time. I wish I could be happier with me. I reminisce too often. Need to make some moves.
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Photographed by James Lozeau. Makeup by Satya Linak. 💙

Check out my modeling portfolio being re-updated.
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Kimono, camo, stripes.
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